Alice Burdeu, first ANTM now the world

Say hello to Alice Burdeu. She won the third cycle of Australia’s Next Top Model which scored her a photo shoot for Australian Vogue, which because of the “amazing” images that resulted from that shoot, she landed the cover of the September 2007 issue of Australian Vogue (see above). Not bad for a newcomer.

The surprise cover then resulted in a lot of discussion at online forums and blogs over whether a reality TV model deserved the cover… but now the crictics are coming around.

She was seen on the runways of New York Fashion Week – Proenza Schouler to name one big one and suddenly everyone is on the bandwagon of the statuesque red head. Everyone likes to back a winner after all – just not when they win reality TV shows.

Could she be as big as Gemma Ward one day? Or reach the not as heady heights of Nicole Trunfio (who was also a modeling reality TV show winner)?

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