Zulema Griffn (or Shatangy) is back for fall 2008/09

When I think of Project Runway 2 alumi, Zulema Griffin, all I hear is “don’t make me go all Shatangy on your ass”.

For those who haven’t seen the reunion special for season 2, Shatangy (also spelt Shetangy, or Shatangi) was Griffin’s alter ego who laid down the law and ruled the roost so to speak.

Still designing, Griffin is gearing up to show her fall 2008/09 collection in New York like many other designers. But instead of showing at the tents like a few of the current crop from season 4 of PR, Shatangy Zulema is showing her show on YouTube and MySpace.

When asked by FlyPaper why she’s not showing at Bryant Park, Griffin was quite frank with her response.

“One, I’ve never been invited to show at the tents. In addition to that, I don’t have the funds. A small tent is $28,000 – that includes chairs…,” she said. “I also think because of the themes of my shows, nothing I’ve done done has lent itself to a traditional tent show.”

Check out her show on YouTube on February 3rd, 2008 by entering “Zulema Fall 09” into the search box. For now, there are a few videos of her previous collection online now.

Now I wonder what that Austin Scarlett is up to these days… and Daniel Franco with his bliss.


  • jenny says:

    Austin Scarlett just showed up on a Real Housewives of OC episode. Congrats to Bravo for not letting us forget him.

  • Darcie says:

    What a winner Zulema! You have talent and are making it happen by what ever means you have! I wish her the best, and I never brought into the the creative editing by Bravo. Zulema’s Website and talent speaks for it’s self! Keep it Moving Girl!!!!

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