Would you date a shorter man like Racquel Zimmermann?

Towering over a man is very Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes (nee Nicole Kidman), but this Vogue (French?) editorial had me thinking.

If you’re as gorgeous as Racquel Zimmermann and the guy in question is sort of stylish, would you date/walk around town with him?

On one hand, you will definitely get some attention when you’re out and about, though if you’re self conscious then heels are out of the question. Though does it matter what people think? He could rock your world, so what does it matter if people will whisper about your height difference?

As for me, I might be a little self conscious going out in public, but at 5″5 I don’t usually have that problem with guys. Then again Samantha in Sex and the City had no problem with it – for a little while. But she had balls.

[Pics from GWAS]


  • Mia says:

    Is Raquel wearing heels? That curb looks to be quite deep – and even so the guy is only a inch or so taller than her!

  • Sophia says:

    my last bf stands only 5’3″ tops. but the good news is i’m only 5′ so that made a perfect match i guess LOL.

  • pamela says:

    i think its supposed to represent serge gainsbourg as i’ve seen a photo of him walking with jane birkin and it was almost identical to this one

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