When the going gets rough, the tough go shopping for Pedro Garcia shoes

After avoiding the pre and post Christmas sales for almost a month and a half, I have succumbed and purchased my first pair of Pedro Garcia shoes as the ultimate pick me up (the Starbucks Frappacino didn’t work) after a rather crappy few days.

Meet the new love of my life… readers, meet my Pedro Garcia Vera satin court shoes – in plum with a 4 inch heel. Purchased for the bargain price of 50% off the retail price. Don’t you just love my fabulous photography?

After some surfing, I found the same shoe on sale at My-Wardrobe in grey/blue, with a simple notice that the shoe is a fashion item and not intended for everyday use. I would applaud anyone who could wear these every day for a week.

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  • Sophia says:

    hey you take really nice pictures! mine are exactly like these except they are beige. they were like half off when i bought them! gotta love a good bargain 🙂 so what size are they?

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