Victoria Beckham hops in a bag for the Marc Jacobs spring 2008 ad campaign

The advertising campaign most of us were dying to see has been released – the Victoria Beckham for Marc Jacobs advertising campaign for spring summer 2008 had us all on the edge of our seats. And here it is.

Victoria Beckham has been bagged by Marc Jacobs – with only the Marc Jacobs spring 2008 heels on display.

Photographed by Juergen Teller, you must admit it’s a very clever way of putting Posh in the shot, but not all of her. Now is it the rawness of the shot, or are her legs that blotchy on purpose?


WWD has revealed two more images from the ironic Marc Jacobs campaign (added above) – one with Victoria popping out of a Marc Jacobs bag, and one of her stepping out of a shoe box.

“The images are humorous and ironic,” Beckham said. “You can’t be afraid to experiment with fashion, especially when working with Marc and Juergen — you have to push the envelope and show a different side.

“Truth be told, I love them all,” she said. “If I have to pick favorites, it’s the package series: me coming out of the box in the gray knit dress shot with the hat, as well as the image of the oversize shopping bag. Certainly, if you can’t get locked inside a Marc Jacobs store, then trapped inside a Marc bag has got to be the next best thing.”

[Via FWD and WWD]



  • Kate says:

    Her legs look very weird. Maybe it is the picture resolution and not the actual ad that is doing that? They certainly don’t look pretty and smooth. Surely if they were that blotchy they would aibrush (not that I am condoning airbrushing… it just seems weird that they would not do it as it is common practice).

    Her legs also look very awkwardly positioned. If I had fell into a bag, I don’t think that is the natural position my legs would take on. But perhaps I’m being overly critical.

    The idea of having Posh in an ad and not actually having her face in it is great. That way he makes Posh fans happy and doesn’t turn off customers that dislike her. Good work Marc.

  • Marie says:

    I am not a big Posh/Vicoria/Ms Beckam whatever fan…but I don’t mind this…I still think she looks like an alien…but its cute!

  • Kitty says:

    I wish Victoria Beckham would stop appearing in photos. I do not want to look at her until she’s had a good meal, stop the fake tan and smile.

    she tries too hard. the strain + effort show.

  • Angie says:

    I love Marc Jacobs but loath Victoria Beckham. She is a bad choice after so many other great choices. From Sophia Coppola to VB?? What are they thinking!

  • Kate says:

    Oh god they had to go and put her head in them. The new ads just don’t look right. She looks like a doll. Inhuman.

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