Sassy Item of the Day: Bristol 6’s Nippies

Bristol 6’s Nippies

Love it because: we have t-shirt bras, plunging bras, stick on bras and celebrities with no bras, but you can only buy skin coloured stickers to cover the nipples when your plunging or sheer top means that you can’t wear a bra. Well these cute little Nippies by Bristol will bring some life to the flesh coloured nipple stickers with it’s great variety of patterns and colours for full nipple coverage. Plus it’s a little more attractive than a bandaid should anyone catch sight of it. It’s like nipple tassles but less porn and more chic. I just can’t decide which ones I like better – the butterfly or heart shaped ones.

Price: $15 for two sets

Buy it now from:

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  • Marie says:

    I cant think why but they remind me of the rapper Lil Kim. I think they are cute but I’d prefer to not have anything showing in the first place.

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