Rachel Zoe to get her own Bravo TV reality show

Rachel Zoe has become rather infamous for her celebrity styling skills and her list of celebrity clientele (and her claim that she’s more influential than Anna Wintour). After releasing her style book last year, we will soon be faced with watching her on our television screens.

Fashion Week Daily are reporting that she has signed a deal with Bravo TV to shoot a weekly one-hour show that will hit screens this Northern Hemisphere summer for eight weeks. The show is due to be about Zoe profiling designers at New York Fashion Week, as well as covering the weeks worth of shows and parties

“It’s not about exposing my clients or being invasive into their personal lives – unless they want to participate,” Zoe said of celebrity clientele which includes the likes of Mischa Barton, Lindsay Lohan, Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Garner, Liv Tyler and Maria Sharapova.

Though the show won’t be about showing the world the glamorous life everyone thinks she leads.

“It’s dangerous for me to put myself at the forefront,” she concedes, “but with the TV project I want to educate people who are also asking me fashion questions. I want people to understand what I do and more about the fashion business.”

No doubt soft focus cameras or make up crews will be on high rotation when filming kicks off.

After a launching a collection of bags for Judith Leiber and a A to Z of Style book just a few months ago, a TV show of inevitable. Right?

[via: Fashion Week Daily]


  • Sarah says:

    Well since it is going to be made by Bravo, it won’t delve too deep into the “glam world” of fashion, and should stick to things middle america can sort of relate to. You would think anyway…

  • bongokitty says:

    Are you insane? Rach is awesome and should never be allowed to leave me, I would be bananas and die!, Let;s root for Rach!!!

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