Mischa Barton stars in Keds spring 2008 ‘Be True’ ad campaign

Mischa Barton is modeling for Keds again this spring 2008 in their ‘Be True’ advertising campaign.

“It’s about old-fashion Hollywood glamour and updated style,” said Barton of the campaign in which her little dog Ziggy also makes an appearance. “They are classics – iconic women like Katherine Hepburn wore them and I love that I can too.”

The theme, Be True, was inspired by the type of old Hollywood glamour as popularized by Katherine Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Fittingly the shoot too place on a reconstructed movie set mirroring back lots of iconic films shot throughout the 1930’s and 1940’s with Anne Menke behind the lense.

“Mischa continues to be a great partner for the Keds brand and we are excited about this season’s campaign. The debut of the new “be true” tagline hopefully inspires consumers to be true to their dreams while remaining authentic,” said Shawn Neville, president of Keds.

Again Nanette Lepore also designed a few pair of shoes for Keds this season, marking the third seasons he has been working with the footwear brand.

“It’s so much fun mixing classic shapes with luxurious materials,” she said, adding that she will collaborate with Keds for her Fall 2008 collection. “Sequins and velvet are more glam than the basics, but the shoes are grounded in tradition,” she offered.

Check out the behind the scenes video of the photoshoot on the Keds website.


  • Sophia says:

    i dont know why but i think mischa barton (or more accurately, her style) is getting tired. is she still using rachel zoe? she just seems to have lost her luster… i mean, she’s still breathtakingly pretty don’t get me wrong but there’s something missing in her which i can’t quite put my finger on… is it her lack of talent? i don’t know. maybe it’s true when they say there’s more to a person than just a pretty face and fancy clothes.

  • jayjay says:

    i know what u mean. she has seemed tired lately. i think its her schedule since she been filming nine movies non-stop. maybe that led to her dui? idk. she is gorgeous always. She has to have one of the top three most breathtaking faces in hollywood. i think she is talented. or else she wouldn’t be so much in demand. On the OC i think the reason her acting was lacklustre was the crappy script and her character. Mischa needs to have challenging roles to be the best.

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