Life Can’t Wait for Madonna and Sunsilk

The queen of reinvention, Madonna, has announced a partnership with Sunsilk for the Material Girl to front the haircare brands ‘Life Can’t Wait’ campaign – which encourages women to get out and live their lives, instead of sitting around waiting for things to happen.

The Madonna ‘Life Can’t Wait’ television commercial will screen during the American Super Bowl on February 3rd, with the ad sharing time with Shakira and Marilyn Monroe all signing snippets of their most popular songs.

The ad will also appear on from February, where women will also be able to share stories about how they live life to its fullest. Or watch it now below…

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  • Rachel Eagle Reiter says:

    Rachel’s Story

    Hair is sacred to me. It is an important part of my Spirituality, Sensuality, and Personality. The old expression: ‘Let your hair down’ means more than it seems to mean.

    I can feel myself come out of the shell [so to speak] when I let my hair down. It is as though I become less inhibited and I allow myself to sparkle by setting my natural waves free.

    I thank God that I was born with waves. Tight curls seem to rigid for me. And pin-straight just bores me to pieces. With natural waves, I am glad that I don’t have to use harsh chemicals and get perms to get the look that I want.

    My waves seem to fit my mood; it is as if God knew, before I was even born, that I was made for the wavy look. I’m not aspiring to be a Diva, but I have realized that some of the greatest Divas do have waves. That makes me feel special and beautiful.

    As a writer, my hair has affected my poetry. It has been a special inspiration to me. [Some of my poems may be read at freestylevision, a site for verbal expression.]

    Yours very sincerely,
    Rachel Eagle Reiter

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