Keira Knightley’s green Atonement dress the best film costume

Keira Knightley’s green silk dress from Atonement has been voted the best film costume in a survey done by Sky Movies and British InStyle magazine.

As dresses go, no other dress has invoked so much passion, love and loss in one movie, even though it made a short appearance in the movie. Knightley’s character, Cecilia Tallis, wears the bias-cut silk gown to tease her lower-class suitor, realizes she’s in love with him and copulates in her library, is betrayed by her sister, and has her heart broken.

“There’s no doubt that Keira Knightley’s dress in Atonement created a massive stir this year, so it will be interesting to see whether it attains this stand-along iconic status in years to come,” says Ian Lewis, director of Sky Movies.

The other dresses to make the top 10 list were dresses worn by Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Nicole Kidman.

[EDIT Jan 06, 2008] We’ve found a fabulous green dress inspired by Keira’s green dress, click here to find out where to buy one for yourself. [/EDIT]

Sky Movies & InStyle’s Top 10 Best Film Costume poll

  1. Keira Knightley’s green silk dress in Atonement
  2. Marilyn Monroe’s white dress in The Seven Year Itch
  3. Audrey Hepburn’s little black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  4. Olivia Newton-John’s skin-tight pants in Grease
  5. Kate Winslet’s blue gown in Titanic
  6. Diane Keaton’s tie and waistcoat in Annie Hall
  7. Nicole Kidman’s satin corset from Moulin Rouge
  8. Liza Minnelli’s stockings and bowler hat in Cabaret
  9. The gown worn by Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth: The Golden Age
  10. Vivien Leigh’s dresses from Gone With The Wind

[Edit on March 3, 2008] The original costume dress (size 2) was sold for a whopping $46,000 at with the proceeds going to Variety – The Children’s Charity of Southern California.

Don’t forget if you want to get get a gorgeous replica of the dress, it’s available at for just $238 – a fraction of the cost of the original.


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