Kate Moss’ image airbrushed on to a murders mugshot

Fame sells, with an image of Kate Moss superimposed on to a mugshot of notorious child-killer Myra Hindley reportedly sold in London for £28,000.

Artist and celebrity photographer, Russell Young, superimposed Moss’ and her former boyfriend, Pete Doherty’s image on to the 1965 mugshots of notorious Moors bank robbers and murderers, Hindley and Ian Brady (pictured above right).

Young then print the images on to canvases with alternate gold and silver sheens, with the Bankrobber Gallery selling the pieces for £28,000 at a London art fair. He was reported as saying that the images were the “ultimate picture, the perfect storm, a perfect combination of fame and shame”.

According to his website, it was his experience as a celebrity photographer and music video director that allowed him to see how the world of celebrity and “the underworld rub up against each other. So the idea of combining celebrities and criminals came very naturally.”