Heatherette for MAC

Heatherette is the next designer in line to create a make up collection for MAC. From the designers who brought up a young Paris and Nicky Hilton on the runway a few years ago, and Lydia Hearst collaborations with Puma, this is a make up collection to look forward to.

Set to debut in MAC stores in March, the Heatherette for MAC collection will include nail polish, eyeshadow, lipstick and pancake base. Each piece will be packaged in a very 1980s looking pink plastic – how very disco. Perhaps the Heatherette make up collection will be all glitter and sparkles like this promotional image?

This news follows in the footsteps of the upcoming collection by French graffiti artisit, Fafi, which is due in stores in February and the Alexander McQueen collection which hits MAC stores just a month or so ago.