Gucci Sabrina bag, all ruffles and no IT factor?

The Gucci cruise spring 08 film was gorgeous, and now there’s a newly edited one devoted to their Sabrina bag. It’s a chic little Boston bag, dolled up a little with ruched/ruffled leather adding a girlie touch to a great travel tote.

Though on my second glance, I have to wonder if there a little too many ruffles. Don’t they look strange around the two front zip pockets? Plus isn’t it just a bit much having the ruffles along the top zipper? If you love it, it retails at Neiman Marcus for $1690.

Is this Gucci’s next IT bag to follow in the footsteps of the Gucci Indy bag?

But I do love the Gucci Cruise spring 2008 Sabrina bag film, watch it below.

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  • Fashion Critic says:

    I am not crazy about his bag at all. In fact I don’t really like many of Gucci’s bags this season, which is rare for me.

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