Do you play I Spy when watching the latest (fashionable) show?

When watching your favourite television show, do you find yourself getting excited when you know exactly what bag/dress/top/shoes a character is wearing? I do.

After all the hype surrounding Atonement and that green dress, I was so excited to spot Serena van der Woodsen (aka Blake Lively) tote around a zebra print Gucci Indy bag in last nights episode. It was a bag I recognised.

Shame no one around me felt the same.

Do you play I Spy when watching your favourite television show?

Which show is the major culprit, Gossip Girl, Project Runway 4 (after all there is the fabulous wall), The Hills, Cashmere Mafia or something else?

[Image from the CW]


  • Fashion Critic says:

    Oh my god yes….all the time.

    My friends and family are sick of my smuggness.

  • Mia says:

    YES!! Especially during Sex and the City when we have girls nights – I seem to find something new every time!
    Though I’ve learnt to only make a fuss when I’m around like minded souls.

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