Diane von Furstenberg Studio LP sues Target over spotted frog print

The Associated Press are reporting that Diane von Furstenberg Studio LP are suing Target for selling a dress which features a print that is too similar to her trademarked Spotted Frog design.

“Specifically, defendants’ infringing dresses nearly identically copy the scale, pattern and colorways of DVF’s Spotted Frog Design,” the lawsuit said. “Defendants’ infringing dresses are ‘wrap’ dresses made of materials designed to look like silk jersey, a style consumers and the general public have come to associate with DVF.”

The Spotted Frog pattern was first shown on the runway for the Diane von Furstenberg spring 2007 runway collection in September 2006 and used extensively in DvF dresses, swimwear, luggage, and handbags.

Unfortunately, the infringing dress was removed from the Target website on Wednesday, but is reportedly still on sale at Target retail stores.

— A fan of the Spotted Frog print? You can still pick up the DvF print in the form of a dress from Net-a-Porter, or a bikini from MatchesFashion.com.

Check out the Target dress in question over at Fashionista here.


  • LisaJay says:

    Is this a picture of the original Spotted Frog design or of the Target knock-off?

  • Helen says:

    Thats a picture of the DvF dress – the Target print was actually a beige/brown/white combo of colours, which DvF also did.

    A picture is coming really soon!

  • LisaJay says:

    I can’t find a pic of the knockoff anywhere on the web. I’m tempted to go to Target with my camera and do some detective work! But I’m in the boonies, and the closest Target is an hour away. . .

  • Helen says:

    Hey LisaJay, a link to a picture is at the end of the post. I do wonder if Target have removed the dress from it’s shelves now though…

  • Jose says:

    These fashion’s are so bueitufal! I want them all! The colors are awesome! Style unique and each one a work of art.!Do you like this comment? 0 0

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