Control top panties making a comeback with Rachel Bilson, Kim Cattrall and French Elle

With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, perhaps your man could be in for a Bridget Jones style surprise – with control top panties.

It seems that the high waisted tummy flattening underwear could be trying to make a comeback as a fashion item. Rachel Bilson wore a pair with a pretty pink bra for a photoshoot with American GQ magazine, and Kim Cattrall wore a pair as bikini bottoms for a scene as Samantha Jones in the upcoming Sex and the City movie. Meanwhile former Victoria’s Secret Angel and French model/actress, Laetitia Casta, is on the cover of the February 2008 edition of French Elle wearing a cone shaped vintage style bra with high waisted panties.

Is this a coincidence, or could the body conscious trend be migrating into our lingerie draws soon? While it may look sexy (with a slight vintage/granny twist) on these three beautiful women, it should be interesting to see if it takes off on less toned bodies on beaches and in lingerie departments.

Would you wear them?

Perhaps Cosabella might make some control top Sex and the City branded lingerie now…


  • Diane says:

    It’s certainly not the most sexy of lingerie (but I am not a fan of the gstring either), but Rachel and Laetitia certainly make it so. Would I wear it? Perhaps on my fat/bloated days, yes. But not to be sexy in front of my boyfriend.

  • videodoll says:

    I think it looks awkward. I would wear control top under a dress or something if I had to but of course I would prefer not to. It’s great for people who need it but if avoidable, always best to not need control top. Of course Rachel Bilson and Laetita look hot in anything but I think they would look better minus the high waist panties.

  • Samii Styles says:

    I think this trend is popping up because of this season’s “must have” item, high-waisted pants and skirts. I rather like the look of control top panties, not so sure if my boyfriend would! Samii Styles says “Control Top Panties are the new Boy Shorts”!

  • Barnschop says:

    I have to admit that control panties do hold things in, however one word of caution though. Do not be tempted to wear them on an evening where passion is likely to take place. You girls know how hard they are to get on, imagine some poor man trying to get them off. Takes all the romance away.

  • Hanna says:

    That retro, pin-up girl, 1950’s style is really coming back in now. Burlesque has been slowly creeping in, bringing with it the fashion of the original burlesque era (we saw Christina Aguilera jump on the bandwagon for her “Candyman” song and clip. Australian lingerie label Pleasure State has just introduced some high-waisted knickers and corsets… I think it’s gorgeous.

  • JessicaR says:

    I agree….really sexy and luxurious!!I just bought my first corset (cost a fortune but I have always wanted one) and feel absolutely gorgeous in it.

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