Brazillian thieves are after your… hair

Human hair is quite a commodity these days, especially when you can sell it to wig makers and make a pretty penny from it. And according to a report on, thieves in Brazil know it.

A Brazillian woman who had not cut her long locks for twenty years was grabbed by two men on a motorbike in Aracaju, who then used a machete to cut off her 1.5 metre long hair.

“She was an evangelical and said she hadn’t cut her hair for 20 years,” Brazillian police officer, Antonio Williams da Silva said. “A hairpiece that size could cost you as much as 1000 reals (AUD$600).”

So ladies (and long-haired gentlemen) watch your long locks if you’re around Brazil – or if you’re after some quick cash, perhaps look into selling it to a human hair wig maker.

[via – image from Rapunzel’s Delight]

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