Behind the scenes of the Chloe fragrance shoot

Loved the Chloe fragrance advertising campaign staring Anja Rubik, Clemence Posey and Chloe Sevigny? Well then here’s a YouTube video for you. It’s a ‘making of’ video from the photoshoot that took place almost a year ago in March 2007. Watch out for the girls telling us what they think is the Chloe brand.

Meanwhile… the Chloe by Chloe fragrance has not been getting good reviews, with Fashionista saying the fragrance smells like “a whiff of lipgloss with topnotes of hair strightener, liquid liner, and a splash of juice diet…”

While The NY Times’ The Moment blog giving it one star, asking us to not inhale, and giving us potential reasons as to why the brilliant nose, Michel Almairac did not produce a fragrance of his usual quality – it had nothing to do with his taste. It is believable, as this is a talent who created Farenheit for Dior and Gucci Rush to name two.

Now I really want to get my hands on a bottle of Chloe the fragrance – or do I? I love the classic bottle though.