75 foot tall at Chanel Haute Couture spring 2008

Was the focus on the Chanel Haute Couture spring 2008 show at the Grand Palais yesterday the models, the clothes or the 75 foot replica of a Chanel coat?

No doubt it was the 75 foot coat.

Made from wood and painted to look like concrete, the Chanel coat featured the iconic Chanel braid trim and it was where the models got change and paraded out of through a open flap in the jacket. According to Cathy Horyn’s blog for the New York Time, the coat also revolved around slowly during the show, with the Chanel double C emblem was engraved on to all the buttons on what looked like a giant Chanel wedding cake.

What will Karl Lagerfeld think of next. Catch a video of the show created by the Telegraph below…


  • Sophia says:

    i have no words. this is PURE BRILLIANCE period. it sure is gonna make a lasting impression. 10 years from now we will still remember that huge chanel jacket from the 08 spring haute couture collection.

  • tala says:

    i would have LOVED to see this in person. karl = genius.

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