Vivienne Tam’s Tam Mp3 player

You’ve probably read all about the Vivienne Tam, TAM MP3 player, on all the other fashion blogs, but here it is again.

We’ve been contacted by the Alice Wong, a senior designer for Kitman Keung (who worked with Vivienne Tam to develop the mp3 player) to get your thoughts. They want to know what you think of the mp3 player – about the concept, how it merges fashion with technology… so comment away!

The Vivienne Tam, TAM MP3 player takes the brand one step further into the world of technology after their 2006 dabble into the mobile phone world with a series of handset pouches for Motorola. The TAM MP3 was developed alongside industrial designer Kitman Keung to develop this sleek red mp3 player just for the fashion market.

Before you start thinking the TAM MP3 is a unisex product, it wasn’t what Kitman was thinking.

“Most of the existing so-called feminine electronic products in the market are not really designed for ladies, they are actually unisex designed and then just spray-painted with pinkish colors or patterns, black for men and pink for ladies, which is not striking enough to female,” he says.

“When I chat with ladies about their thoughts, none of them care much about the device can contain 1000 songs or not, but more keen to choose a matching gadget for their Italian handbags. A MP3 player is not just a functional product for women, it should be also a piece of jewel hanging on their bodies, like rings and necklaces.”

No word on a price point or release date yet.

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  • Kate says:

    I love the idea, but as a music aficionado, I also want an MP3 player with good functionality and a large capacity. Why can’t style and functionality work together?

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