Victoria Beckham styles Jack Nicholson for photoshoot

All you need to do to make it in any industry is to have the right contacts then make it work for you, and clearly it’s worked for Victoria Beckham with her celebrity styling portfolio getting that much bigger. She recently added Jack Nicholson to her list which already includes names like Jennifer Lopez, Katie Holmes and Elle Degeneres.

According to the opportunity came up when photographer Lorenzo Agius mentioned to his friend David Thomas that he was shedualed to photograph Nicholson for Parade magazine – the one celebrity Thomas knew Beckham was dying to style. The magazine people made it happen with the shoot taking place in the Presidential Suite at The Beverly Hills Hotel on October 29.

“Nicholson seems only vaguely aware of who Posh is as she glides around the bungalow, more suitably dressed for evening cocktails than a working shoot – an impossibly short black tube dress, high heels, exquisite jewelery… She looks like an expensive Cuban cigar wrapped in black paper band,” observed writer Dotson Rader in Britain’s The Sunday Times Magazine,

According to the Parade, Beckham dressed Nicholson in mostly Armani (of course, she is friends with the Armani’s after all), mixing in a few vintage pieces. Check out some of the images on the Parade website.

“He was everything I expected and more,” Beckham gushed. “And, he actually asked if he could buy all the suits afterwards, so he was obviously happy with what I put him in.”


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  • Wombat says:

    Love the descriptions! (She looks like an expensive Cuban cigar wrapped in black paper band). How can she possibly be qualified to style other people.

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