The year that was 2007, the fashion highlights

Well it’s the end of 2007 and before we look onwards and upwards we should look back at a few things fondly. The things that we’ll no doubt be cringing or daydreaming about in 5 – 10 years down the track as we sit with friends to have a giggle about the old days. Here’s some of the highlights from 2007 that stuck out in my mind…

– Kate Moss for Topshop and SJP for Bitten, etc
We couldn’t get enough of celebrity designed fashion lines this year. From Kate Moss for Topshop, to Sarah Jessica Parker/Amanda Bynes/Venus Williams for Bitten and even Ashley Judd for Goody’s, it was a year where everyone wanted to get what they thought everyone should be wearing out there. Even Madonna and Kylie Minogue got in on the fun for H&M with Penelope and Monica Cruz doing their bit for Mango. If 2006 was the year of designer diffusions lines, 2007 was one for celebrity clothing lines. Perhaps next year, we’ll see more environmentally friendly collaborations,

– Ray Ban Wayfarers
Sunglasses were the accessory of 2007, forget big designer IT bags, if you weren’t accompanied by your pair of Chanel’s, Dior’s or Chloe sunglasses your look just wasn’t complete. 2007 also saw the comeback of Ray Ban who turned 70 this year, and to help them celebrate, it seems it girls around town were all wearing Ray Ban Wayfarers. The likes of Kristen Dunst to Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie were wearing them, then pretty soon there were some designer inspired Wayfarers on the market. While this trend might not translate well into 2008, it was a look to remember about 2007.

– The Prada Turban
If the Ray Ban Wayfarer was the cool accessory, then the Prada silk turban was the one that people talked about trying, but never quite got there. That is of course until Ashley Olsen wore a Prada silk head band with turban-esque knot, then we all thought we could do it. Word is that one luxury fashion magazine editor was sent one complimentary of Prada and spent the next few minutes laughing and calling the gift a little… well out there to put it nicely.

– The Bob
Who knew 2007 would be the year for hair? Victoria Beckham and her ‘Pob’ aside, we did see Michelle Williams sport a gorgeous Mia Farrow like cut mid year, before Kate Holmes jumped on the bandwagon and before Christina Ricci got her pageboy cut. While we’re all happy to get a fringe ala Kate Moss, did you get a Pob? Or at least consider it?

– The environment
With global warming becoming this era’s issue, fashion is trying to do its part. Hence why we all lined up for a Anya Hindmarch ‘I’m not a plastic bag’ bag, and why H&M and Levis introduced organic cotton ranges, and why Stella McCartney is designing a organic clothing line for Barneys next year. While it’s not cheap to be green, it’s good for the environment.
— You see, the fashion pack are all self absorbed and focused on self promotion.

– The year of Chanel/Karl Lagerfeld fashion shows
It seems like whatever month it was, Karl Lagerfeld was holding court at a fashion show or Chanel sponsored event. So many stars were spotted front row you have to wonder how Anna Wintour and Glenda Bailey slotted in among the likes of Kirsten Dunst, Courtney Love, Claudia Schiffer, Rachel Bilson, Victoria Beckham and Lily Allen. If it wasn’t a fashion show in Paris, it was on in London or even on the Great Wall of China and a gathering in LA. Lagerfeld certainly clocked up the frequent flyer miles in terms of flights and publicity. And theres more to come in 2008… long live Kaiser Karl.

Now, with 2007 almost over. I can’t wait to see what will happen in 2008, what with all the celebrity babies due – it could be a year for the yummy mummies.

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  • Mary says:

    I wonder who actually brought themselves a Prada Turban – and not the Ashley Olsen mini turban. Gosh if Prada only knew about that editor who made fun of their gift… perhaps they should be sending the gifts MY way instead 😉

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