Suspenders for Keira Knightley and Victoria Beckham, who looked better?

What is different about these covers? It seems American Elle with Victoria Beckham on their January 2008 cover, and Interview magazine features Keira Knightley had the same styling idea. Or were there no other clothes on the set besides white pants and black suspenders?

Seems like Victoria won the day in the who looked better stakes because she’s not hiding her modesty with a gloved hand and the suspender strap.

Who looked better?

[Images: TFS]


  • jen b. says:

    Keira by far! I love that she’s got a Night Porter thing going, sans the SS hat.

  • Marie says:

    Not that I ever thought Victoria Beckham would beat anyone in a who looked better contest, considering she looks like a robot, but I think she wins this one hands done. Kiera – find a t-shirt girl!

  • Sasha says:

    Those outfits are both Dior, for the 2008 sping collection. I Love Dior!!!!

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