Stella McCartney is Peta’s Person of 2007

Devote vegan, Stella McCartney has been named PETA’s Person of the Year for 2007.

“Stella McCartney proves you can have a look that kills without killing,” said Peta’s US senior vice-president Dan Mathews.

Known for her refusal of using fur or leather in her collections, McCartney has been a big supporter of PETA’s work. This she narrated a video exposing allegedly cruel practices in fur farms, as well as launching a anti-fur campaign on Second Life, and challenged British Airwards to end the use of leather seats.

“I consider sitting on a poor cow’s skin a throwback to earlier, harder times – not a luxury,” she said.

With her fragrance and body care range also animal friendly, it’s a wonder she’s not PETA’s person of the year for more years to come.

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