’s Christmas shopping tip

Before even stepping near the shops to do Christmas shopping… sit down and think about what you’re going to buy your close family and friends. Now we all know your best friend might like a decent guy ask her out, or her ex to fall down some stairs and perhaps break a bone, it’s really not an option. Really.

My never fail Christmas gift mantra is:

Think of how/what [said person] likes to do/get to indulge themselves, and get that for them.


  • A girlfriend of mine love love loves reading Frankie magazine but sometimes doesn’t get around to buying it, so we got her a magazine subscription so she’ll never miss an issue and think of us every time it arrives. She loved it.
  • My best friend loves Juicy Couture and wished she picked out more JC stuff when we were in Hawaii, so for her birthday I ordered some more Juicy Couture stuff from the US for her birthday. For Christmas she’s getting a photo album/book chronicling our Hawaii holiday thanks to – because no one really prints photos and makes pretty photo albums anymore.
  • I love a good pedicure (with Paraffin), a good magazine, book and online shopping purchase. No doubt a few people have those items on their lists for me.

It goes to show that it just takes a little thought as to what to buy someone. Recently when I left the magazine, the girls gave me a Karen Walker bow pendant – they knew I loved bows and liked simple pendant necklaces. Love it.


  • If your man (boyfriend, father, brother) loves to play sport (golf, tennis, basketball, etc) then get him a equipment (if he or a friend of his approves of it), membership or court time at a prestigious location.
  • If your mother or sister has a vice like chocolate, give it as a small gift, but think of something else more significant, or took a little more thought to give. Usually a magazine subscription is a good start.

Stay tuned to for more Christmas gift ideas