I’m addicted to Gossip Girl and Project Runway 4!

If you want to take a break from the craziness of the holiday season, I’ve found the perfect escape. Just sit down and watch Gossip Girl and Project Runway 4 back to back.

I spent the last few days watching all the latest episode (all of which are not on television – only on cable which isn’t so cheap enough for yours truly here in Australia), making the most out of my friend’s super fast internet connection and the wonderful world of streaming videos.

Now I want to know…

  • What is the next spanner in the friendship that is S & B aka Serena and Blair?
  • When will Serena and Dan say the three words that Blair said a lot to Nate?
  • Will Chuck ever get the girl?
  • Is Jenny Humphries the new Marisa Cooper with all her big eyed starring at people?
  • Will Elisa ever get ‘auf’d’? She’s one strange designer… I can do without spit on clothes
  • I wonder why Nina Garcia stopped saying ‘hola’ as her greeting? Not that I’m complaining
  • How did those women loose all that weight in the 5th challenge? Amazing.

Now if only I could get my hands on Season 3 of Project Runway and cable TV in Australia.


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  • Sophia says:

    hey did you watch the GG finale? looks like little J has crossed over to the dark side! even her makeup looks different. and the stare. that kinda sends chill down my spine!

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