Gucci’s American Motors Corporation 1972 Hornet

Before Gucci experienced it revival in the late 1990s thanks to Tom Ford, and before Louis Vuitton’s logo covered pimped up cars and dashboards (well in Britney’s case, it was a fake LV logo), Aldo Gucci, the son of Gucci’s founder Guccio, was asked to design a custom version of the 1972 Hornet Sportabout wagon.

The car sold 2584 units in the American market and featured a very fashionable interior with Gucci’s signature red and green colour, with the Gucci emblem on the door panels.

I wonder if this Gucci collaboration will make it into the Gucci film Hollywood director, Ridley Scott, is set to direct – according the British tabloid The Sun.

[Via Zitrotek]