Forget the regular summer camps, what about Modeling Camp?

Before you try out for American’s Next Top Model, perhaps you should go through Modeling Camp in Virginia.

Now before you start thinking you’ll be put through your paces on the runway, it’s more of a etiquette and personal grooming camp, with workshops focusing on fashion and modeling.

The camp has been running since 1995 with over 600 girls attending from all over the world every year. It’s most famous alumni is Luka Sylwester who attended the camp in 1997 before going on to model in major fashion magazines. It might not guarantee you success in fashion, but it’s a start for teens.

Something to do this summer perhaps?


  • morgan says:

    hey modeling camp. I want to join because all the girls in my class says i have fashion ecept for my friend,jannal says i don’t.

  • morgan says:

    hi i want to sign up!!! how much do i need for modeling camp.

  • keyonna says:

    Wel i have the most strength to model i really love mdeoling but they cost to much for girls just to have fun 🙁

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