Finding your lost glove is easy online

They say that all it takes to make your mark online is to come up with a great idea. Though I’m not quite about Jennifer Gooch’s idea of

Through her website, the Texan is looking to reunite lost gloves with their owners. Each lost glove that has been found will have their picture taken and their information posted on to her blog.

While there have been no glove reconnection’s since the site launched two weeks ago, Gooch and her website partners are hopeful.

“I like the sense of what stories are behind those gloves, sort of the community that you never meet but you see scattered about the city,” said Kati Pelletier, a librarian who met Gooch through a mutual friend.

So if you’ve lost your glove recently in New York or Texas, visit her website now. Perhaps the missing gloves might bring people together like it did to Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack’s characters in Serendipity.

[Via AP]