Could Jennifer Lopez be getting ready to sue Hilfiger over Sweetface?

It seems the Jennifer Lopez and Andy Hilfiger partnership, also known as Sweetface, did not end well and both parties were not happy. So much so that they could be getting ready to sue each other for losses incurred during the partnership.

“It is expected that she will file suit and that he will counter sue,” says a source close to one of the parties told NY Daily News. “They’re likely to sue each other.”

While the Sweetface brand had a lot of celebrities sitting front row at its New York Fashion Week show, it never lived up to its expectations with Radar magazine reporting that the rift was partly due to “the hands-on approach of J.Lo’s husband, Marc Anthony.”

In the meantime, Andy has returned to work at his brother’s company, Tommy Hilfiger.

“Andy is very happily back at the Hilfiger empire,” says the source.