Can you believe Venus Williams got a degree in fashion design?

She has a collection for Steve & Barry’s called Eleven which launched in stores last week, but Venus Willams is known more for her prowess on the tennis court, winning Glam Slams and various tournaments around the world.

With a smart brain on her shoulders, it seems Williams is planning for a future after tennis. Last week she finished her associate degree in fashion design from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

She reportedly graduated with a 3.5 cumulative grade point average and the honor of Best Sportswear Collection.

‘I love fashion, and the idea that I am using my design education to actually create clothing and footwear that reflects my personality and energy both on and off the court,’ Williams said in a statement.

Well here’s another fashion collection to look forward to in the future.


  • videodoll says:

    yes, I can believe it. Art Institute is the kind of school that accepts anyone who is willing to pay. I don’t think achieving a 3.5 in fashion is too difficult nor do I think she had to have any prior proven education to attend.

  • Missace says:

    Wow if she can get one then anyone around the world can get one if you had the money to pay for it..
    shows how much money runs the world

  • sjistarr says:

    Typical cynical biatches in the first two comments. Most FASHION DESIGNERS don’t even bother to get fashion design degrees. Of course you have to PAY for your degree… everyone does. At least she’s doing something to plan for her future, instead of running a craptacular celeb blog.

  • Lisa says:

    Well aren’t you a cynical biatch “sjstarr”, what kind of name is that? This is a celeb blog you lame ass.

    Venus’ Steve & Barry’s collection was so boring, not fashion forward at all. Just plain old sportswear you can get anywhere. To think she was probably studying fashion at the time of creating the S&B collection too.

  • Mary says:

    Good on her for getting a degree, there aren’t enough people out there who bother doing it these days.

  • videodoll says:

    sjistarr, I don’t know anyone who runs a celeb blog for a living. I have one as a hobby but I have a real job too. Not everyone pays for a degree either, some people work for one.

  • Sandra says:

    Sad how jealous and snide some people are. Yes, Venus is rich and never needs to work another day in her life or design anything in her life, yet she continues to play tennis and continues to design clothing and do interior design. I understand that we all wish we were in the same situation as her, but the reality is that we don’t have her tennis talent, nor did we do the work or make the sacrifices she did to become a top tennis player and become wealthy. Now she is parlaying her fame to make inroads into the fashion world. Why not? I would rather be happy for Venus’ success and hope that one day I can also be as successful, rather than drag her down out of jealousy and fear that I’ll never have what she has. Your hate doesn’t touch Venus or even bring her down – your hate only brings you down. It is such a disappointment to me to see how American black women LOVE to tear each other down. We seem to succeed in spite of each other rather than because of each another, and that’s a shame. I can’t think of any other group of people on planet earth about whom the same can be said.

  • roxanne says:

    I may be jealous of some people but not Venus, money is not everything… No hate for getting the degree but I do question the point. She could have done fashion design without a degree. It’s not like her talent in fashion design is what is making this possible, obviously she is able to be a “designer” because of her bank account. goodluck to her.

  • Sandra says:

    And I could become a banker without getting an MBA – but I don’t fault someone for getting an MBA to add to their formal knowledge and credibility in their chosen field. Venus’ bank account didn’t get her the opportunity to be a designer – she paid her tuition like everyone else – it’s her celebrity status and achievements in the sports world, along with the credibility that studying fashion brought her, that got her the deal with Steve & Barry’s. Just amazing how certain cultures tend to run down going to school – as if African Americans are rolling in degrees. More people should be emulating Venus by going to school, not criticizing her for setting a good example, not only to women, black people and athletes, but also in general. The critiques of Venus’ just for getting her degree, no matter how you slice it, smack of jealousy.

  • Missace says:

    sjistarr: im a fashion student and workin my ass off for a degree to become a fashion desinger. But she just comes and does it. its unfair how most of us work our asses off and some just give it handed to us.. Its like be rich and get it or dont be rich and sit back. Its bullshit.. Im not jealous of her, i think she is a great lady i just dont think famous people should put their name to things when there are many others in the world doing the same thing without the money she has..

  • sjistarr says:

    I followed a link here, so I didn’t know what kind of blog it was. Clearly not one associated with celebrating a person’s achievement, that’s for sure. Missace: in what sense do you think that the degree was handed to Ms. Williams and not earned? An associate’s degree takes 2 years if you go to school full-time. Not to mention she busted ass as a child in poverty to get to get to be the sports phenomenon she is today. Further still, she is a shrewd and accomplished businesswoman that forced Wimbeldon to pay up to women players the same money that they pay out to men… and then she went on to win it. All kinds of success can come your way if you are willing to work and sacrifice for it, however, rather than learn a lesson from it, you scorn Ms. Williams accomplishment as something simply obtained by money. Stop whining and handle your business! Everyone who commented negatively towards this woman’s accomplishment should be hanging their heads in shame!

  • Brian G says:

    Why are people acting as if there can only be one fashion line, and one way to get there. There’s room for you too. Venus Williams did what she needed to get her career, playing tennis since 4, plus she’s educated. And she’s been involved in sports fashion since early in her long career. All those complaining, what have you done to secure your fashion line and your success? YOU DO YOU and drink some prune juice. Let it go. Hate is not fashionable.

  • Kym says:

    Hi!!! I need to know if you know of any company or someone who accepts clothes designs from someone with out a “degree?” I have designed some fabulous designs and want them seen by someone who can help me get started. Please email me as soon as possible, I really appreciate it. Kym Storms

  • Avery says:

    Wow, I’m sure I’m late on this post but it’s sad how many people are saying things like, “how hard can it be to get a 3.5 in fashion”. Are you currently in school for fashion to know how hard it is? I have been a premedical student and received a biology/psychology degree, and now I’m doing fashion and believe me, fashion is actually much harder! It’s takes an ACTUAL skill level and a lot of tedious work. So don’t judge someone because they are getting a degree that you look down on, because you don’t know what it takes to get it AND excel.

  • mmlilting says:

    Avery and Sjstarr, thank you for injecting common sense and reality into this debate. Venus Williams is highly intelligent. She graduated with honors from high school as well – where she obviously got good grades in math, science, history, English etc. And she parlayed those smarts into leading and helping female tennis players get equal pay in the majors! Her simply brilliant, persuasive open letter to Wimbledon officials in the London Times even got the Prime Minister of England at the time, Tony Blair, to publicly agree with her equal-pay stance! Venus has also beautifully designed the sets for tv shows. Her book – in collaboration with Serena- for young people, is a joy to read. I reread it from time to time just to bring a smile to my face. Venus ROCKS!

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