Australia’s getting Grazia

The gossip/fashion weekly rag that is doing big things in Britian and Italy is coming to Australia. Usually I don’t get excited by weekly’s (or new mag launches) – just the sheer cover price is ridiculous, but Grazia is one of the many overseas magazines I love and wished it very financially viable to subscribe to.

The deal for ACP magazines became easier to seal when the company acquired Emap Australia (Emap published Grazia in Britian), and the rumour mill is rumbling with gossip that the editor if Australian Harper’s Bazaar may be overseeing the rag.

So what is Grazia? It’s like the Australian gossip rag, NW, except full of gossip we actually care about (for the women who don’t get online), with fashion forward fashion and beauty spreads that takes what NW does but to a new level. These are the people who first reported about the Christian Louboutin manicure after all.

“Grazia is a truly unique and exceptional magazine that is held in the highest regard by publishers, advertisers, designers, and fashion forward audiences around the world,” ACP’s CEO Scott Lorson to the B&T.

The team at ACP Magazines have often looked to Grazia for ideas and inspiration, and it is now a true honour to introduce Grazia to the Australian market.”

— Now I can stop begging Britian bound friends for copies of Grazia.