Are you in the market for a fake Gucci phone?

Armani, Prada and Dolce & Gabbana have designer mobile phones to their name, so it almost comes as no surprise that Gucci should have one. They don’t.

But the hope of a Gucci branded mobile is what’s keeping the Chinese fakes market going. Some devious (but clever) people decided to take advantage that hope and created a luxe 24k gold placed handset encrusted with jewels and branded Gucci.

The fake Gucci phone is called the G600, and it comes with fake Gucci logos, fake diamonds, fake packaging, fake authentication certificates and a fake cell phone theme. Though what is not fake is the 2.1-inch QVGA display, FM radio, 2 megapixel camera, and microSD expansion.

You can buy the phone online if you like the idea of a faux Gucci phone… just google it.


  • Jack Yan says:

    I saw some Prada phones at a night market in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and suspect that while Prada really does have one, the ones I saw weren’t exactly sanctioned by them. But you know, this Gucci phone doesn’t even look that good.

  • Lisa says:

    Can u tel me how to get a fake gucci phone and how much it costes

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