What would you say if you met Anna Wintour? Henry Holland said Oh my god

People often have strong opinions about people in powerful positions. But when it comes to meeting them, would you tell them exactly what you thought of them?

Sure you day dream about things you’d say, perhaps how you would convince them you deserved a job in their company. Though my day dream ends when it comes to actually talking to them – I really have no clue where I would start without looking like I’m a raving fan/lunatic.

It seems even models and fashion designers (who are former magazine staffers) have that problem. Henry Holland – responsible for start the logo tshirt trend with his ‘Uhu Gareth Pugh’ and ‘Get Yer Freak On Giles Deacon’ – and buddy Agyness Deyn was left speechless when they met Anna Wintour.

We were just like “Oh My God! Oh My God!” And both of us just stood there, squeezing each other’s hands and Agyness was completely mute and unable to speak. Anna asked me for a business card, and I didn’t have one. I thought: “Oh my God, I’ve just ruined my career.”

No doubt that’s probably what I’d be like if I ever came across Anna Wintour (after I tried to figure out what designer she’s wearing of course). No doubt Henry Holland carries around his business card with him 24/7.

[Via TimesOnline.co.uk]