Topshop to go to where Lagerfeld just was – China

Reuter’s is reporting that British chain store, Topshop, will open a shop at the Shanghai Superbrand Mall in China early next year. But that is just rumours, with another source suggested that Topshop will open stores in China’s other cities.

“Topshop is definitely not coming to China for just one store,” one of the sources said. “It is also looking at many other Chinese cities, such as Beijing and Hong Kong.”

If the move goes forward, Topshop will join the likes of Zara and H&M in fashion’s newest flourishing economy. With even Karl Lagerfeld doing is bit to push Fendi in China, the move by Sir Philip Green’s Arcadia Group (which owns Topshop) comes as no surprise.

This new China store opening could open sooner than Topshop’s store in New York.