Taiwanese lingiere company to workers: wear your lingerie to work

Now here’s a story guys would like to hear about. A Taiwanese lingerie company, Audrey Underwear, has named November 21 as Camisole Day.

According to reports on FoxNews, the company decided to celebrate record sales by asking their 500 female workers to wear their underwear at work. And 90% did.

Huang Bihui, PR manager of the company, explained: “We introduced eight new camisoles into market and sold more than 20,000 in less than two months so we named the 21st as Camisole Day.”

Zhang Yufeng, 32, a mother of two, admitted: “I have been on a strict diet to get ready for the day. When I was trying on my outfit at home, my husband told me I should dress like this every day.”

And Liao Wenshen, 30, added: “The men were red-faced all day, and were becoming so polite to us. It’s so funny!”

Right, I bet none of the men at the company called in sick that day.

Note: I couldn’t find any legitimate reference to Audrey Underwear on the web, so there may not be any truth to this story.


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