Paris Hilton to can can can in Times Square

Did you know Paris Hilton has another fragrance in stores soon? I stopped paying attention to whatever products she’s endorsing at any point, but I do feel for New Yorkers who have to walk past Time Square on a daily basis.

They will be faced with a 30 second commercial promoting Can Can, Paris Hilton’s newest fragrance on the Times Square Jumbotron. It’s set to run 2,700 times beginning November 5 for eight weeks, the clip will feature a behind the scenes look at the photo shoot for the supporting print campaign.

“The whole idea behind this product is very festive and glamorous,” said a rep, adding that the product is rolling out just in time for “holiday flirtations. It’s very much about Paris’ playful spirit, so why not do it in a big dramatic way, like the Jumbotron in Times Square?”

Because she can can can that’s why.

[Via BrandWeek]