Oscar de la Renta’s wife was an editor-in-chief of French Vogue

Did you know, Oscar de la Renta’s first wife, Françoise de Langlade was an editor-in-chief of French Vogue in the 1960s with fashion credentials that include time at Elsa Shiaparelli?

According to Time she was;

Editor in chief of French Vogue in the 1960s, she met De la Renta in Paris and brought her elegance and experience to Vogue in New York, becoming an arbiter of taste and fashion among a wide circle of friends. Her lavishly decorated homes in Manhattan and Connecticut influenced interior decorating trends, and she most recently served as editor at large for the revamped House and Garden.

Not to be outdone, de la Renta himself can say he started out at Balenciaga, first as an illustrator, then designer.