Miranda Kerr tells of Paris Hilton’s naked Heatherette fashion show moment

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Australian model, Miranda Kerr looks like she’s sugar and spice and all things nice.

But the Victoria’s Secret Angel (who was recently on the Victoria’s Secret 2007 fashion show runway) was not pleased when Paris Hilton acted like a princess backstage at a Heatherette runway show in 2005 and stole her gorgeous runway outfit.

“I was standing by my rack and she goes ‘I want that dress,’ and she pointed to my dress, my pretty pink dress, the one I was really proud of … and she stole it,” Kerr says in the video. “I was just thinking to myself do you want me to hit you over the head with my handbag.”

Luckily for Paris, she didn’t get a bag in the head, but karma did come back and bite Paris. Watch the video (thanks to Pedestrian) find out what happens when Paris had the same thing happen to her, mere seconds before she’s due to walk out on the runway. No one should mess with Naomi Campbell after all…

— If you want to watch Miranda on the runway, here’s a preview of this Victoria’s Secret fashion show for 2007.


  • Lisa says:

    Like Paris HIlton cares she was caught out naked, half the people in the industry has probably seen her naked, either at a fashion show or in her sex tape.

  • scarlett says:

    um. go pedestrian. miranda kerr is a goddess.
    pedestrian.tv have more films of her

  • Jack Yan says:

    Helen, you are about the only journo covering this item from Pedestrian.tv to get the place and the date right. Many media out there are reporting this incident as having happened at the Victoria’s Secret show on November 15, 2007! You would think that getting the time and place would be fundamental to a journalist’s job. Thank you for getting your facts right.

  • ilovR says:

    paris is a stupid blonde…

    i LOVE miranda, she is a goddess!

    love love love her

    i want 2 met her 1 day

  • mmaaaggie says:

    miranda is cute paris hilton sucks
    naomi campbell rocks but they all act like if they
    can cure the cancer!
    they’re bitches

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