Louis Vuitton Cruise 2007/08 campaign staring Rachel Clark

What, no Scarlett Johansson, no celebrity at all? Well that’s a refreshing change for Louis Vuitton with model Rachel Clark staring their their Cruise 2007/08 advertising campaign.

Simple and all about the clothes and accessories (love the jewelry). Is it effective though?

[images via TFS]


  • juju says:

    I really think it looks best with someone with a real body. i liked scarjo’s plump frame vs this barely there figure.

  • viktor says:

    I think for Rachel Clark to squeeze in amongst all the celebrity faces they’ve been using shows just how special of a someone she is. It makes me want to know WHO this new face of LV is.
    LV doesn’t need to rig anything special to market themselves anymore. Just the name is enough. This proves it. I’m glad they dropped the celebrities for once, it was becoming campier than a gypsy tent. Goregous.

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