Karl Lagerfeld documentary is “shallow”

Lagerfeld Confidential, Rodolphe Marconi’s film about Karl Lagerfeld has been deemed superficial and shallow as well as being accused of not digging deeper by Reuters.

Typical of the filmmaker’s reluctance to press very far is the fact that, while many archival photos are included of the handsome designer in his younger years, there are no glimpses of him during the period in which he had gained a massive amount of weight.

While the journalist concludes that one without previous knowledge of Lagerfeld’s “legendary career will find little here to enlighten” you sort of have to wonder why Lagerfeld Confidential was given such a wide release, premiering in the US at New York’s Film Forum recently. Though can you blame Lagerfeld for not wanting the world to see him with a wider waist line?

Are you looking forward to watching the documentary about Kasier Karl?

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  • Brax says:

    I like that about 50%. You are the 50%. His photography is a joke, I rthaer Terry Richardson. Karl loves himself. I would like to know what he would think about himself if he was someone else. Had them imported from Paris when they first dropped still haven’t arrived 🙁

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