Helen’s thoughts of the week: Working from home

For the first time in years, I now have the luxury of working from home.

It feels like I’ve been working in an office since I started university (I seemed to be an office assistant at so many companies and agencies in my spare time in those 3 years for experience). And after a week of office free life, I love the feeling of not listening to phones ringing in every direction (with equally loud chatter following), no freak out wake ups (you know when you bolt up in bed at 8:45am and you’re in a panic because no matter how fast you rush, you’re going to be late to work), no more dealing with crowds of people and public transport, no more crazy last minute demands, and no more ‘did I wear that yesterday’ questions in the morning.

And I can work on SASSYBELLA.com all day every day to my hearts content!

While that’s all fine and dandy, there is bad points too. There isn’t as big a connection to the outside world on a daily basis. Usually over a coffee run or lunch break the girls and I would chat about our weekends, what we did last night or just random gossip and gushing over pretty things we want. Plus I really don’t have to dress up at all – which in part is a good thing, but where do I wear my pretty dresses and strappy sandals now?

So without my desk buddy, who do I share my fashion gossip and ‘did you know’ questions with? With you all of course. You all are now my desk buddies, my life line and my critics.

Now I need my coffee break, and to pop into some of the local shops. Starbucks and Zoo Emporium anyone?