Gucci’s Fall 2006 dress: from runway to Lindsay Lohan to Alessandra Ambrosio

It’s almost a fashion faux pas, to wear a dress that appeared on the runways in March 2006 (for the Gucci fall winter 2006/07 collections) at such a high profile event. But when Victoria’s Secret Angel, Alessandra Ambrosio wore it last week, it’s like a fabulous new dress again.

The Gucci fall 2006/07 dress was last seen on the cover of US Harpers Bazaar (July 2006 issue) worn by Lindsay Lohan.

So who wore it better, a stunningly tall runway model (on the runway or off), or on a Lindsay?

[Images: TFS]


  • Marie says:

    Lindsay looks FUGS. Alessandra and the model on the catwalk look more beautiful.

  • Kate says:

    God, Lindsey looks like a man in that photo.

    And if it is a good dress, it doesn’t matter that it is a year old. A fabulous dress is a fabulous dress!

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