Gemma Ward’s performance in Black Balloon “impressive”

Gemma Ward has long rubbed shoulders with Hollywood, she did a photoshoot with George Clooney for Vanity Fair (pictured above), and she reportedly used Nicole Kidman’s acting coach to help her with her acting skills. And it seems that the acting coach and Ward’s natural talent has paid off.

Australian film critic, Lynden Barber, reported in his blog that Ward’s performance was “impressive” in the upcoming Australian movie, The Black Balloon.

Yesterday I saw a preview of one of the strongest Australian films of the last few years. The Black Balloon is that rare thing – a compelling Australian coming-of-age story. With a strong and largely unknown cast completed by Toni Collette and a surprisingly impressive Gemma Ward (better known as an international model), the film marks an incredibly confident debut for first-time feature writer-director Elissa Down. It deserves to be a huge hit.

Not a bad review at all.

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  • Kitty says:

    argh, George Clooney.
    I wish he will go away. sorry to everyone who likes him.

    I think Gemma looks gorgeous in that photoshoot but George looks out of place.

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