Fit and lift your behind with a Milk & Honey denim “bum bra”

We lift, fit, tuck, and cinch in every other part of our bodies, so why not our butt’s? Australian fashion label, Milk & Honey have released their Sweet Cheeks fit system, where you purchase jeans on an A or a B fit for your derriere.

  • An A Fit is for women who are: straight-up-and-down, boyish, neat deriere, narrow-hipped, little tooshie, string-bean, rectangular.
  • An B Fit is for women who are: curvy, bootylicious, round, baby’s got back, rubensque, hourglass, womanly, voluptuous.

This new way of sizing jeans could revolutionize fashion sizing, as designers sometimes don’t factor in a woman’s larger booty or her bigger chest when designing certain shapes. Case in point, the strapless dress designs look fantastic on a skinny model on the runway, but would not look good on a rounder woman in real life.

The Sweet Cheeks Fit System by Milk and Honey is the brain child of Sydney designer Gill Milligan who mimicked bra sizing. “It’s the bra for your bum,” Mrs Milligan said told Sydney’s Daily Telegraph. “Like you have a 10A or 10B in a bra you have a 10A or 10B in these jeans.”

The range retails between AUD$165 to AUD$185, with A-fit and B-fit in sizes 6 to 14 with plans to expand into larger sizes.

Check out the colours and fits you can get at

[Via Daily Telegraph]


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