Dita von Teese is Frederick’s of Hollywood’s holiday cover girl

It’s a partnership made in lingerie heaven: Dita von Teese as the holiday cover girl for Frederick’s of Hollywood’s 2007 Pin-Up Parade collectors catalog. In addition to modeling over a dozen outfits, Dita also unwrapped some sexy secrets to lingerie shopping.

“Dita is a woman who knows what she likes and wants in lingerie and is not afraid to show it,” states Frederick’s of Hollywood Creative Director William Ford. “That’s why she is the perfect voice to help women embrace the idea of lingerie as a fashion staple in their wardrobe, especially over the holiday season.

So what are some of Dita’s lingerie secrets that will apparently help Teese the Season?

Sultry Secret #1: Wrapping Yourself Up In Lingerie Is Just As Fun As Un-Wrapping Yourself
“I love getting lingerie as gifts because you can turn yourself into a gift, wrapping yourself up in these things and unwrapping yourself as well,” says Von Teese, who considers lingerie to be a fashion staple in her wardrobe. “Lingerie is about more than just wearing the basic foundations to get you through the work day,” comments Frederick’s of Hollywood designer Annie Chang. “It’s also about choosing fun, sexy, fashion forward pieces that suit your body type and personality. It’s about confidence.”

(See below for more photos of the vintage style shoot and sultry secrets with Dita)

Sultry Secret #2: Treat Yourself To Something Luxurious And Lacy
There’s no need to wait for the gift wrapped box from your sweet heart to enjoy something luxurious and lacy this year. Lingerie is the perfect gift to treat yourself to. “I think it’s really important to remember to treat yourself, especially during the holidays when things get a little bit hectic,” notes Von Teese.

Sultry Secret #3: Live Dangerously And Try Something New
Von Teese has an important message for women when buying and wearing lingerie. The glamour goddess says to “have fun playing dress-up and have fun with glamour. Don’t be afraid to try something different.” “More importantly,” says Dita, “it doesn’t mean you’re a bad girl if you like to have fun with your lingerie — you should just live dangerously!”

Check out the Pin-Up Parade collectors catalog at the Frederick’s of Hollywood website.

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