Did you know Sofia Coppola has a fashion line called MilkFed?

I love seeing what people did “before they were famous” – you know, what they were doing before they became famous for doing something else. Well before Sofia Coppola was a movie director, the daughter of Frances Ford Coppola started a clothing line in 1998 after she graduated from college.

Together with friend Stephanie Hayman, and in cooperation with Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon, came the clothing line, Milkfed, with Coppola in charge of designing the quirky pieces. Sold predominantly in Japan and stocking in the Coppola owned Heaven-27 boutiques in LA and Japan, the cute and comfortable collection is filled with logo print tshirts and seperates, and inspired by 1980s fashion.

Don’t be so quick to judge Coppola’s design experience though, it dates back to days at her father’s film sets where she reportedly hung out in the wardrobe department, and she also interned with Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel in high school (before everyone else started interning at fashion houses).

Check out the MilkFed site here, as well as some of the pieces stocked at Calif.cc.

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