Did you know Helena Christensen co-founded Nylon magazine?

Here’s another ‘did you know’ for you all…. Helena Christensen, a former Miss Denmark, is credited as being a co-founder of Nylon magazine together with Marvin Scott Jarret, and Mic Neumann in 1999.

The stunning model and fashion photographer served as a creative director, reporter and photographer on the magazine until recent years. She reportedly believed that her constant travelling ventures could bring (the magazine) a perspective from an outside influence. And the magazine isn’t just a one off, it has since launched a men’s version called Guys Nylon, as well as a Japanese and Australian (now closed) edition.

She left the magazine a few years ago to concentrate on other interests, including being a co-designer of fashion label, Christensen & Sigersen. Is there anything Helena Christensen can’t do?

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  • Lana says:

    That’s interesting. I should find my old copies of Nylon and see what she’s written/photograped for the magazine in the early years.

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