Daisy by Marc Jacobs- the film

Since I was on the subject of Marc Jacobs and is darling little fragrance, Daisy, for the young (at heart), I thought I’d mention the fragrances’ accompanying film.

The film stars Alex Sandor, Irina Kulikova, Johanna Jonsson and Johanna Stickland, and on the first viewing, I couldn’t help but think of how much it reminded me of the Sophia Coppola directed, Virgin Suicides, staring Kirsten Dunst. Shot by Jurgen Teller, the films soft lighting with the models seemingly floating around in a field brought back visions of Kiki and her on screen Lisbon sisters in a world which included Josh Harnett in a 1970s world.

What do you think? I must remember to buy Virgin Suicides on DVD now…