Chloe’s patchwork bag or Witchey’s Nicole bag

Here’s another Chloe or Australian chain store, Witchery item. First it was the Chloe sandals, and now it’s Witchery’s Nicole bag (on sale for AUD$129.95 – approx US$113) that bears a striking resemblance to the Chloe patchwork bag (RRP$2,125 or $1,700 from BlueFly).

While the Chloe patchwork bag never did hit the must-have lists it’s a great everyday bag. Which one would you buy?

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  • dom says:

    think I’ll save 2 grand and go with witchery. they are the same but differnt..similar. whats the point of designing a nice bag, if only a few select people can enjoy it.

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